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“This course provided me with the information necessary to ensure business requirements are developed in a secure, vigilant, and resilient manner."
SCE Student
"It’s important not to let business strategy progress far in advance of or without consideration to security. This is just one thing I learned about how aligning to business can be benefificial to a CISO."
CISO Graduate '17

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Past Summits & Events

Data Privacy Day 2018

Jan. 25, 2018: Discussion Panel with GTI Sponsors including Cisco, Unisys, Deloitte, and CenturyLink.

Cybersecurity Summit 2017

Oct. 19, 2017: The goal of this summit is to increase the knowledge and awareness of security risks to sensitive data and systems and discuss steps state government leaders can take to help mitigate the risks.

Cybersecurity Summit 2016

This summit focused on steps state government leaders and program managers can take to mitigate security risks.

Smart Cities Summit

This summit focused on Smart Cities, Smart Enterprises, Smarter Planet, Smart Buildings, Smart Transportation, and more. Sessions focused on organizational design, building teams of people, and using smart processes and technologies that are aligned with business realties and goals.