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Security Center of Excellence (SCE)

Securing computer systems and data is an increasing challenge. Major corporations report devastating breaches to their systems, losing significant amounts of customer personal data. Such incidents have high cost both financially and in consumer confidence.

Government is not immune to these incidents. The Federal Office of Personnel and Management points out that states like South Carolina and Utah (among others) have all had personal citizen data stolen from government databases. As a result, taxpayers were responsible for paying for credit monitoring services and other costs. Costs have been in excess of hundreds of millions of dollars. It is no surprise that this led to a troubling loss in confidence among their citizens.

Developing and maintaining a strong security defense reduces the risk of such incidents, although all agree it is virtually impossible to ensure complete success. While cyber security involves an array of sophisticated tools, at the core of any cyber security strategy are skilled professionals. Maintaining the skills and readiness of Information Security professionals is a critical component of cyber defense, particularly given the rapid pace of change in tools, techniques and challenges. Faced with shrinking budgets, it becomes even more critical that cost-effective opportunities for development of the IT security workforce are available.

With this in mind, Harrisburg University established the Security Center of Excellence (SCE). The center is a targeted effort to support government security leaders and their staffs as well as the private sector through educational programs, collaboration and awareness-raising initiatives. As a Global Academic Partner with (ISC)2, a global leader in information security standards, Harrisburg University leverages these resources in addition to its faculty, students and business partners to connect Information Security professionals with the latest, best practices and technologies. Through its partnerships with leading technology and security companies, the business community, technology associations and educational institutions, the center brings together a robust community of stakeholders and contributors in support of a shared mission.


Enhance education and mentoring opportunities for security leaders and specialists in the public sector and the private sector.


Increase awareness and support for the importance of robust security solutions to safeguard data and systems.


Provide a venue for security leaders and professionals across various industries and sectors to share information, experiences and ideas that can enhance the ability to defend against potential threats.


Present opportunities to explore new technologies and methods alongside peers in government, the business community, information security companies and others.

Kelly Powell Logan
Vice President Strategic Workforce Development and University Centers


Charlie Gerhards
Executive Director, Government Technology Institute

SCE Sponsors

  • Deloitte
  • Unisys
  • Cisco
  • IMB
  • Symantec
  • Level (3) Communications
  • KPMG
  • VMware


  • Erik Avakian, Chief Information Security Officer, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Ron Plesco, Jr., ESQ, KPMG
  • Srini Subramanian, Deloitte


Resources & Affiliations include:

Educational Programs

Harrisburg University’s Security Center of Excellence focuses on educational programs that address the workforce development needs of federal, state, county and local governments; school districts and intermediate institutions; and the private sector.

Professional Development Events

  • Conferences & Summits
  • Community Forums
  • Trainings

Certificate Programs

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Certificate

Academic Programs

  • Computer and Information Sciences BS Degree, Concentration in Cybersecurity
  • 5-year BS in Computer Information Science & MS Options


In general, sponsor benefits include:

  • Event meeting space
  • Marketing and promotional opportunities
  • Opportunities to provide educational content
  • Sponsorship of associated events


student projects

In general, sponsor benefits include:

  • Event meeting space
  • Marketing and promotional opportunities
  • Opportunities to provide educational content
  • Sponsorship of associated events


Associated programs

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