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   “Deloitte is proud to support Harrisburg University’s Government Technology Institute and to collaborate with the Harrisburg University Community to assist in the ongoing development of the next generation of the Commonwealth’s IT professionals. We share with Harrisburg University a commitment to the core values of leadership, integrity and strength through diversity to make a lasting impact that matters for our communities and our Commonwealth.” – Deloitte, GTI, SCE, & AI Sponsor

“VMware virtualizes computing, from the data center to the cloud to mobile devices, to help our customers be more agile, responsive, and profitable.” – VMware, GTI & SCE Sponsor

"Our sponsors have the unique opportunity to provide their cutting-edge experience, expertise and innovation to guide our students and programs in a direction that meets needs of the current workforce, aligning their goals with the University's mission."
Kelly Powell Logan
Vice President Strategic Workforce Development & University Centers

 Sponsor the Security Center of Excellence (SCE)





Events Meeting Space 

HU facilities Use (Philadelphia or Harrisburg) for product launches, user group meetings, special receptions, briefings, client meetings, etc.  

Half day 

1.5 full days or 3 half days 

3 full or 6 half days 

Marketing/Promotional Opportunities 

Public recognition on SCE website, marketing materials, university signage, events, event programs and signage, etc. 

Small logo 

Medium logo 

Large logo 

Company profile link-out on SCE sitelinked logo to a page of sponsor’s choice.  




Testimonial on SCE site, including headshot and/or logo 




Invitation to special events for SCE multi-month certificate programs, such as CISO welcome receptions, graduation ceremonies, etc.  

One (1) invitation/ attendee 

Two (2) 
invitations/ attendees 

Three (3) 
invitations/ attendees 

Educational Content Opportunities 

Opportunity to provide presentation proposals for summits, such as Cybersecurity Summit and Data Privacy Day 




Opportunity to provide presentation proposals for SCE multi-month CISO certificate program 




Opportunity to provide resources (case studies or white papers) for SCE multi-month CISO certificate program 

One (1) 

Two (2) 

Three (3)  

Opportunity for featured speaker in security-related educational community forum – open to public, live-streamed, recorded, and published on website 




Professional Development Discount 

Discount (25%) on SCE professional education trainings, such as CISSP and CISA 




Summit Opportunities 
(Such as Cybersecurity Summit and Data Privacy Day) 

Overall sponsorship of SCE summits  

One (1) event 

Two (2) events 

Three (3) events 

Recognition in event materials 


Weighted logo and link to sponsor where relevant 

Weighted logo and link to sponsor where relevant 

Recognition from podium 




Brief 1 to 2 minute video to run prior to summit opening  




Display table 



Premiere location with (2) 8’ tables 

Booth/Exhibit Passes 

One (1 pass 

Two (2) passes 

Three (3) passes 

Summit registrations 

Two (2) attendees 

Three (3) attendees  

Five (5) attendees 


*Additional details about summit sponsorship are available on the event page. Please note that these benefits are in addition to Government Technology Institute (GTI) sponsorship benefits, as an SCE sponsor must first be a GTI sponsor.

Sponsor benefits

Use of Facilities

Opportunity available to Platinum, Gold, and Partner-level Sponsors


Exclusive access to summits, course kick-offs, and commencement ceremonies


Opportunities to network and recruit at University events and partnered trainings


Public recognition on website, marketing material and signage

Community Forums

Opportunity to be featured in an educational forum aligned with center program goals, open to the public.

Tiered Sponsorship

Access to non-contract tiered sponsorship as opportunities arise

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