Professional Development & Continuing Education Programs

About Us

We help organizations build capacity through strategic workforce initiatives

Join the many regional organizations that use Harrisburg University as a strategic partner for capacity building. From training and educational programs to special projects, the University offers a variety of ways for organizations to develop their employees and leverage the expertise of our students and faculty for innovative projects.

A STEM university with a workforce commitment

Our Professional Education services include public professional development courses, specialized degree and certificate cohorts, customized training, and contracted projects. As an innovative, entrepreneurial institution we have the flexibility to provide a continuum of capacity-building programs to help companies and individuals thrive. As an extension of our undergraduate and graduate degree programs, professional education services are offered in the areas of Information Technology, Project Management, Interactive Media, Learning Technologies, Food Science, Natural Sciences, and Management.

Leveraging the expertise of our applied centers and institutes

The centers and institutes at HU provide a venue where innovation, technical expertise and professional skills and knowledge can be used to benefit organizations within the region and beyond. The thought leadership of faculty and subject matter experts which drives some of our academic programs can be leveraged to support the workforce development and training needs of your organization.

What makes us different

As a STEM-focused university with a mission rooted in creating workforce and economic opportunities for the region, we are committed to generating value for the businesses and individuals we serve through professional programs.

Our instructors not only include the array of talented individuals from our full-time faculty, but also include affiliated instructors who are successful practitioners in the field and highly talented trainers.

Harrisburg University is a nimble, non-profit educational partner that can provide a full continuum of workforce and capacity-building activities-optimizing your relationship with us and creating synergies with multiple initiatives in your organization.

The professional education courses are designed to be highly engaging and provide tangible learning outcomes that can be applied immediately. Courses are built around applied, experiential learning, use of innovative technologies, and best practices in adult learning.

By partnering with one of our applied centers, you can access the latest research and emerging technologies and engage us to develop a unique technical solution for your organization.

Linking Education to Business Results

Organizations invest in their human capital in order to be competitive and profitable, to meet strategic business objectives, and to gain an innovation advantage. We believe education and training must lead to change in order to bring the most value to the individual and their organization. We ask, “What will be different after this course?” to help individuals reflect on how they will use the information and skills from the program. This up-front emphasis on application and growth helps participants focus on the tangible outcomes that will be most beneficial personally and professionally. We operate based on the driving values of integrity, responsiveness, flexibility and utility. Many factors have accelerated the pace of business and the pace of change in science and technology. We are in tune with this reality and our professional and continuing education programs demonstrate this. Through innovative, applied, and learner-focused programs, participants gain access to expert information, in a way that allows them to reflect on how this can be applied in their day-to-day responsibilities.