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Three Things Almost Everyone Gets Wrong (3.26.19) | Philadelphia

Three Things Almost Everyone Gets Wrong (3.26.19) | Philadelphia

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"Three Things Almost Everyone Gets Wrong"

March 26, 2019 from 6pm – 7pm | HU Philadelphia – 1500 Spring Garden Street

Specific principles are commonly undervalued and under-applied on nearly every team and in nearly every type of work environment (from small, independent startups to global, enterprise-scale organizations). Through their personal experiences, Matthew Canning and Jim Keller dissect three such principles, explain why they’re critical, and share simple steps you can take to avoid the mistakes so many others make.

This talk is ideal for anyone interested in adopting new perspectives that transcend personal and professional development; however, it may be especially valuable for leaders—whether aspiring, emerging, or deeply experienced.

You’ll come away from this interactive talk:
1.) Understanding how to identify the underlying motivations that drive each individual with whom you interact; and why it’s vital that you lead and communicate through a lens of said motivations.
2.) People often fail to approach communication through a framework of intentionality, and end up inadvertently building more walls than bridges. Some simple adjustments can make a huge difference in how you communicate and how you’re perceived.
3.) Understanding the fundamental skills necessary to execute upon complex and long-term goals; most people simply lack these skills—even the deeply experienced—and understanding them can provide immense value to almost any undertaking.


Matthew Canning is a Philadelphia-based technologist, Fortune 50 executive, leadership/execution strategist and educator, media contributor, and startup advisor. He's the author of several niche productivity books, including Never Forget Again, Master the Language of the Universe, and Get it Together.
Jim Keller is one of the founding partners of Eastern Standard, a combined branding and web agency headquartered in Philadelphia. He has worked in nearly all aspects of web technology over his 20-year career, and is the author of Design Systems for the Web. His focus in recent years has been managing a growing team and scaling the company's capabilities and reach.
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