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Leadership Development Program (LDP) for Senior Leaders

This innovative leadership development program provides senior leaders the opportunity to further develop their leadership abilities and succeed at the highest levels of their profession.
The Leadership Development Program will start in January, 2018.  Actual class dates will be posted shortly.








Leadership Development Program (LDP)

Certificate Program Overview

This innovative leadership development program provides senior leaders the opportunity to further develop their leadership abilities and succeed at the highest levels of their profession. Developed through a collaboration between Alvernia University, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology this unique program gives participants the opportunity to enhance their understanding of their workplace culture and to learn strategies, tactics, and management techniques applicable to the unique challenges employees face.  LDP is built to ensure participants are focused on enthusiastically returning to their workplace to immediately begin applying the skills learned in the classroom.  The program offers:

  • Mentorship & networking opportunities
  • Discussions on real life issues and concerns
  • Leadership skills assessment

Each participant who successfully completes the course is awarded a certificate of completion.


Course Format 

The program is offered over a 3-month period. Classes meet every other Tuesday. Each Tuesday provides a full day of in classroom instruction. Instruction takes place at Harrisburg University.




The program curriculum is based around case studies, team projects, role playing and scenario planning. Classes offer a “safe space” for senior leaders to discuss issues they may face in their positions while promoting inter-organizational collaboration. The following subject areas are covered:

  • Leadership versus Management
  • Team Building and Motivating Employees
  • Working with Millennials (and other generations)
  • Communicating Effectively with Coworkers and Citizens 
  • Understanding and Working within the Constraints and Culture
  • Successful Negotiation Techniques and Conflict Resolution
  • Strategic Planning, Tactical Planning, and Setting Objectives, Establishing KPI
  • Project Leadership and Project Management
  • Data Driven Decision Making
  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Managing Innovation & Change
Coaching & Mentoring

Program participants are divided in teams. Each team is assigned a mentor/coach. The mentor/coach meets with the team at least once collectively and at least once with each program participant individually.

To prepare for the Leadership Development Program, each participant will:

  • Take a Personality Inventory
  • Take a Leadership Skills Assessment
  • Complete a short Personal Biography
  • Identify one cross-organizational issue with which they have been involved.
Program Orientation -  (2 hour session)

A two hour session to orient participants to the program takes place prior to the start date.  In addition to the opportunity for participants to meet each other, a Personality Inventory and the Leadership Skills Assessment will be administered.  Results of the Personality Inventory will be reviewed in Session 1.  The cohort groupings for mentors/coaches will be announced and the mentors/coaches will be introduced.  The biographies of all participants will be distributed.


Program Sessions

Each session is a full day, with breaks and lunch provided. 

Class Date

Session #

Session Topic



  • Personality Inventory Review
    • Understanding yourself and your team
  • Leadership versus Management
    • Understanding Leadership styles and traits
    • What is the difference between leadership and management
    • What makes an effective leader
    • Developing effective managers
    • Good leaders need strong followers
  • Next Generation Workers
    • Who are those people?
    • Leading and Managing Across Generations
    • How does personality influence behavior
    • Why is context important



  • Managing Innovation and Change
    • Fostering innovation
    • How to manage change.  Understanding the forces and resistance to change
    • Disruptive Change as a strategy
    • Fostering creative collaborations within and between business units
  • Team Building and Motivating Employees
    • How do you create a motivated team
    • How do you incentivize employees
    • Us versus them
    • Strong management, Effective Leadership
  • Creating Citizen Centric Organizations
    • Understanding your customer and their needs
    • Building a Matrix Organization
    • 360 degree performance evaluation



  • Strategic Planning
    • Developing, Implementing and Evaluating Strategic Plans
    • Cascading strategic plans to the business units and support units
    • Connecting strategic plans and objectives, measures and initiatives
    • Scenario Planning and other Planning Models
    • When should a plan be adjusted?

Date TBD


Mentoring/Coaching Session - Individual and Cohort Group Sessions



  • Project Leadership and Project Management
    • The importance of executive sponsorship and support
    • Role of senior leaders in project delivery
    • Strategies for Project Management
    • Innovative project management delivery techniques



  • Data Driven Decision Making
    • Using Data and Analytics
    • Developing meaningful and useful metrics
    • Creating and utilizing dashboards to measure progress
  • Implementing Continuous Improvement
    • Answering the questions "How are we doing?" and "What can we do better?"
    • Linking Process to Outcome
    • Defining and Measuring Outcomes
    • Faster, More Effective, Higher Quality



  • Effective Communication
    • Internal Communications
    • Developing Effective presentations
    • Dealing with various stakeholders
    • Messaging and Marketing
    • Traditional versus Electronic Media, including social media
    • Crisis Communications
    • Getting to Yes



  • Successful Negotiation Techniques and Conflict Resolution
    • Understanding the culture and mission
    • Managing without supervision; Leading without Authority
    • Negotiating with stakeholders and adversaries
    • Dealing with agressive behavior
    • When and how to use Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration

Date TBD


Mentoring and Coaching Session – Putting It All Together



  • Graduation - Program Evaluation - Planning Next Steps, Life Long Learning, Where do we go from here?


Expectations of Participants and Class Attendance Policy

Participants will be expected to complete readings and some written work prior to sessions.

Attendance at a minimum of 90% of the sessions is required.

Awarding of a certificate of completion will be based on a pass-fail assessment of the program’s curricular, attendance, and project-based requirements.


Course Enrollment Fee 
  • The enrollment fee for the program is $2,000.00 per individual.
  • Payment is due after being admitted into the program. 
  • Instructions and details on how to submit payment will be given to those who have been approved into the program at a later date.  
  • Included with the course enrollment fee are light refreshments and lunch, which will be provided during each class.
  • Parking is not included in the enrollment fee. For information on parking in the Harrisburg University garage, and to view current hourly rates, please visit Standard Parking's website at:

Cancellation and Refunds:
Harrisburg University reserves the right to cancel or reschedule courses/events at its discretion. Should a program or event be cancelled by the University, a full refund will be issued.

If you need to cancel your registration and would like a refund, please email Please attach the confirmation email that you received at time of registration.

A refund of 100% will be issued within 7 business days of your registration date.
A refund of 50% will be issued up until 8 days prior to the start of the course/event.
No refunds will be issued for cancellations 7 or less days prior to the start of the course/event.

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 KELLY POWELL LOGAN, Harrisburg University, VP for Strategic Workforce and University Centers

 DAVID MYERS, Alvernia University, Executive Director, O'Pake Institute

January 15th, 2018 8:30 AM   through   January 31st, 2018 4:30 PM
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