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About the Course

Designed specifically for IT professionals who currently serve or aspire in leadership positions.

The IT Managers Certificate Program focuses on the management aspects of information technology and is designed to:

  • Empower IT managers with the needed management and leadership skills essential for senior IT Professionals.

  • Provide information and tools to lead their organization strategically; manage their team effectively; and support the organization’s leadership in executing key objectives

  • Led by program facilitators, individual seminars are presented by subject matter experts, and include guest speakers, panel discussions and interactive group exercises.

The IT Manager Certificate Program (ITM) is part of the overarching IT Leaders Program, which includes the IT Executive Program.  The combined program provides many benefits, including the opportunity for IT Executives and IT Managers to interact during educational sessions, as well as, breaks and lunches.  Interaction and collaboration between IT Executives and IT Managers provides a better understanding and perspective of each other’s role.

The IT Manager Certificate Program is specifically designed for employees who currently serve or aspire to serve in positions focuses on managing the delivery of IT services and projects within their respective organizations.

The curriculum reflects the input of those who serve or have served in the most senior IT positions in the private and public sectors.  Participants actively engage with presenters and colleagues on topics important to IT Managers in today’s workplace.

Presentations, group exercises, networking, peer learning and a class project make up the program.

Each module includes 1.5 days of content (Thursday afternoon and Friday full day) each month.

  • Module I: IT Leader’s Role in the Digital Age
  • Module II: Business Strategies and Strategic Planning Tools
  • Module III: Leadership and Trusting Relationships
  • Module IV: 360 Communications/Selling Your Ideas
  • Module V: Data Driven Decision Making
  • Module VI: Understanding and Leading Organizational Change
  • Module VII: Cybersecurity
  • Module VIII: Performance and Quality
  • Module IX: Innovation and Emerging Technologies

In order to be considered for the IT Manager program, an employee must be nominated by their organization’s CIO/IT manager or other senior executive and have:

  • Mid to upper level Management classification; AND
  • Two years’ or more experience in IT operations or managing projects in the following core functional areas: application development, project management, computing and network, information systems security, or telecommunications.

Some sessions will require pre-readings such as articles, case studies, or research.  Significant preparation time if not expected, given attendees have a “day job.”  Attendance at a minimum of 90% of the sessions is required.

IT Managers will receive a Certificate of Achievement from Harrisburg University of Science and Technology.


  • For-profit organizations (private): $2,695
  • Non-profit organizations and government (public): $2,150

The tuition fee includes continental breakfast, cold lunch, and beverages, provided on each full class day, in addition to food and beverages for program kick-off reception and graduation reception, including the student’s supporting organizations’ leadership/sponsors.

Organizations are responsible for the per participant cost of the program.  Payment is due after being admitted into the program.

Parking and lodging are not included in the tuition fee.  Students are responsible for parking and lodging costs.

For information on parking in the Harrisburg University garage, and to view current hourly rates, please visit Standard Parking’s website at:


Candidate Application

The application form allows candidates to present their learning goals, past experience, expertise, and knowledge they bring to the cohort for consideration.

Nomination Letter

Candidates will demonstrate the support of their support of their senior leadership by submitting a letter of nomination written on their behalf.  The nomination letter should include current position and responsibilities, along with skills, knowledge, and any special projects in which you are responsible.

The nomination letter should:

  • Be addressed to “IT Managers Program Directors”
  • Emailed to with the subject line as, “IT Managers Certificate Program Nomination Letter for [YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME]”

Acceptance Notification

Applicants will be notified regarding whether they have or have not been accepted into the program.
See the specific deadlines under “Next Session” at the bottom of the page.



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Graduate Testimonials

"The course has made me examine the kind of leader I am, how I manage, and whether I communicate enough of effectively. I have learned many new things I can apply to all of these aspects."
"This was one of the best training courses I have ever taken in my career - not just at CWOPA but in general. Not only is it a good 'general' training for any manager or leader, but it is very specifically tailored to IT Managers and there are no other training's offered locally that compare in content or quality."
"I've been able to apply techniques learned in class to change my approach on how to manage my team and the diverse skillsets and work styles."

Next Session:

Fall 2020

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The following information will be available in the spring of 2020.

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The Government Technology Institute

Harrisburg University’s Government Technology Institute is a driving force in educating IT Leaders, empowering them with increased skills to make “Good Government Great Government.” GTI connects government technology leaders with the expertise of its sponsors, as well as Harrisburg University faculty and advisors. Through its education, training, resources, and networking, Government Technology professionals use GTI to explore and collaborate on successful, cost-effective technology solutions.

Under the leadership of GTI Executive Director Charlie Gerhards, the GTI and its affiliated centers support learning, IT innovation, entrepreneurship, and intergovernmental collaboration that enhance the management, and leadership skills of the government workforce involved in information technology.