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FREE Demo: Hacking Defense CTF at HU Philly

FREE Demo: Hacking Defense CTF at HU Philly

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Defending Against Hackers: Capture-the-Flag Demo

4.23.19 @ 12 PM | HU Philadelphia, 1500 Spring Garden Street

This talk consists of an immersive and fun learning environment where you will learn how attackers exploit web applications. You will get a chance to try out some of your new found knowledge by exploiting a site that mimics a real life web application.

Attendees will be introduced to core security concepts and will be provided with insights into how hackers break into a web site leveraging common vulnerabilities and insecure practices. Come join us as we hack our way through a CTF (Capture the Flag) exercise. All are welcome from beginner to advanced.

What to expect:

A fully-featured shopping application to practice situational awareness like an attacker.

What to bring:

A laptop to connect to the CTF website…and your evil streak! 😉

Security professional focused on improving software security. Focused on Rugged DevOps security, application security architecture, penetration testing, mobile security testing and security training.

Specialties: Building Application Security Programs at Scale, Web Application Security, Web Application Firewalls, Public Speaking, Embedded Development, Mobile Security

Aaron Weaver

Philadelphia OWASP Chapter lead

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