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Data Analytics Certificate Program OLD

The Data Analytics Certificate Program provides you with the skills and techniques necessary to advance your organization’s ability to perform data driven decision making.  The culmination of this program, a Capstone project, offers the opportunity to assess your organization’s data maturity and to develop a plan to transform your organization using data.


The Data Analytics Certificate Program is specifically designed for employees who are leading or will be participating in a program that involves data analytics.  You will learn the essential elements needed to chart the path to take your data analytics program to the next level.  The certificate program is designed to:

  • Empower employees to identify the components of a successful data analytics program
  • Discriminate between some of the analytical buzzwords like ‘artificial intelligence,’ ‘machine learning,’ and ‘internet of things.’
  • Summarize the relationship among data governance, data quality and data management.
  • Learn how to create data visualizations that are appealing to a wide variety of users.

Led by Harrisburg University Analytics faculty, program facilitators, individual seminars are presented by subject matter experts, and include guest speakers, and interactive group exercises.


The 7-module curriculum consists of a combination of presentations, industry guest speakers, case studies, and hands-on exercises.  The key areas of focus are on the components of implementing and maturing a successful data analytics program that include a data analytics culture, data quality, and data governance.  In addition, advanced topics such as data visualization, big data, data mining, predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence will be covered.

A Capstone project, applying the program’s core curriculum to a data analytics assessment project will be produced and presented by participants.  Or, the Capstone project can be customized to meet specific data analytics challenge you would like to address.  Each learning module is linked to the Capstone to ensure you are assessing every aspect of your organization’s data maturity.

  • 7-month program
  • Classes meet in-person, 1.5 days per month
  • Thursdays from 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm
  • Fridays from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

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To be considered for the Data Analytics Certificate Program, an employee must be nominated by their supervisor and have:

  • Experience in an organization working with data and analytics OR
  • Experience managing a data analytics team or project

Previous knowledge of analytical methods is helpful, but not required.


Participants will be expected to complete readings and some written work prior to sessions.  Additionally, each participant is expected to complete the Capstone project outlined in the “Curriculum” section.

Attendance at a minimum of 90% of the sessions is required.

Awarding of a certificate of completion will be based on a pass-fail assessment of the program’s curricular, attendance, and project-based requirements.