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Chief Information Officer (CIO) Certificate

Program Snapshot

GTI’s signature initiative, formerly the Chief Information Officer (CIO) certification program, targets the unique challenges of public and private sector IT executives.  Today’s IT executives require sophisticated skillsets in leadership, strategy, and management.  The ITE immerses IT leaders in a comprehensive study of executive-level issues, including IT strategy and planning, governance, security, workforce development, and the skills necessary to earn a seat at the executive table.

IT Leaders Program

The IT Executives Program will be part of the new IT Leaders Program.  The IT Executive track will have approximately 21 more hours of education relative to IT Managers.  IT Executives will join IT Managers for their part of the educational program.  Combining parts of these programs offer many benefits including the opportunity for IT Executives and IT Managers to interact during educational sessions, as well as, breaks and lunches.  The interaction and collaboration with IT Executives provides a better understanding and perspective of each other’s role.


The program includes presentations, industry great speakers, group exercises, networking, peer learning and a capstone project.

All ITE candidates must complete a Capstone project, which includes a written report and a presentation to a senior executive within their organization.  The focus of the Capstone is to demonstrate skills learned from the class in order to improve the performance and/or reduce the cost of service important to the organization.  Class time is allocated for work related to the Capstone Project.

Each candidate for CGCIO certification must prepare and provide a 20-minute presentation of their proposal to a senior leader within their organization.  Also required by the date of the presentation is a writte proposal.  The topic of the presentation and report is to identify a service that will improve performance and/or reduce cost, if proposal is implemented.

  • This 9-month program begins in April and concludes in December, 2019
  • Classes meet in-person, 2 days per month Thursdays and Fridays from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm 

To be considered for the IT Executives Program, applicants must be IT Professionals who oversee an IT organization, such as the CIO or IT Director for a government agency, collective of agencies, local government, school district, non-profit or for-profit entity.  Those aspiring to be elevated into these positions can also be admitted given approval of their sponsor.

Applicants must be nominated by their supervisor.

Expectations of Participants and Class Attendance Policy

Participants will be expected to complete readings and some written work prior to sessions.  Additionally, each participant is expected to complete the Capstone project outlined in the “Curriculum” section.

Attendance at a minimum of 90% of the sessions is required.

A Certified Government CIO (CGCIO) certification and 6 college credits for those interested in pursing a master’s degree can be earned.  Harrisburg University will counsel those interested in receiving college credits to ensure they meet all requirements.

"This class takes the mystery out of thinking strategically. There is a very valuable identification of the characteristics of a successful CIO."
Chief Information Officer (CIO) Certificate Student