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Become a Sponsor

Learn about sponsoring the Government Technology Institute, Agile Lean Center, Analytics Institute, and Security Center of Excellence.

Private sector companies, technology associations and other educational institutions are invited to become sponsors of our centers and institutes. Funds raised through membership are used by the center to underwrite its operation and subsidize the cost of educational programs for public sector participants. Existing members of the Government Technology Institute (GTI) can leverage their GTI membership by also sponsoring the Security Center of Excellence (SCE), Agile Lean Center (ALC), or Analytics Institute (AI).

The Security Center of Excellence (SCE), Agile Lean Center (ALC), and Analytics Institute (AI) are organized under the Government Technology Institute (GTI). A member must be a GTI member prior to extending their membership in these affiliated centers.

"Our sponsors have the unique opportunity to provide their cutting-edge experience, expertise and innovation to guide our students and programs in a direction that meets needs of the current workforce, aligning their goals with the University's mission."
Kelly Powell Logan
Vice President, Strategic Workforce Development & University Centers


In general, sponsor benefits include:

  • Event meeting space
  • Marketing and promotional opportunities
  • Opportunities to provide educational content
  • Sponsorship of associated events


Contact Julie Vastyan Goolsby at if you're interested in sponsoring any of our institutes or centers.