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August Community Forum with NTT

August Community Forum with NTT

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Community Forum:
Lead Well & Prosper

Are you a manager or aspiring manager looking to improve?

On August 16th from 1-2pm we welcomed Nick McCormick, a seasoned manager in the IT industry, to discuss his book Lead Well and Prosper: 15 Strategies for Becoming a Good Manager. 

Nick concentrates on the fundamentals of good management, presenting them in an insightful, instructional, and entertaining way. He covers multiple chapters from his book – each covering a tip for management success beginning with a real-life management situation showing some of the common mistakes managers make and then offering practical, ready-to-execute actions and solutions.


Author Bio:

Nick McCormick is a client executive in the information technology field with extensive business experience and a passion for leadership development. He is currently a Client Executive in NTT DATA’s Public Sector Group, responsible for the Mid-Atlantic region. Over the course of his career, Nick has built and managed dozens of teams and organizations of information technology professionals. He spends a good deal of time helping others become successful managers and leaders through his teaching, training, and writing, which includes two books, Lead Well and Prosper and Acting Up Brings Everyone Down. Nick Lives with his wife and three children in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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