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Active Learning Specialist Certificate Program (ALSC)

Become an Active Learning Specialist

Teachers who want to increase engagement in the classroom, leverage the mind-body connection to increase academic performance, and increase students’ physical and health literacy, are applying Active Learning with their students.

Active Learning Specialists play a vital role in designing strategies for incorporating physical movement into the learning process, helping classroom teachers, counselors, and athletic directors apply brain based research to help all students learn more effectively.

With the advent of the common core and new teacher evaluation requirements, Active Learning Specialists can help principals implement effective teaching and learning methods that prepare students’ brains for learning.

Trained in the use of evidence-based approaches to design, implement and evaluate learning interventions, an Active Learning Specialist is a strategic partner with teachers and administrators in creating learning experiences that allow all students learn more effectively.

Why Active Learning?

Research clearly demonstrates that increased physical activity yields enhanced readiness to learn. Physical activity positively affects learning by enhancing blood flow and oxygen to the brain, thereby improving mental clarity, and by strengthening connections between nerves in the brain, thereby improving attention and information-processing skills.

You should become an Active Learning Specialist if you…

  • Are an Educator looking for ways to enhance the mind/body connection
  • Are interested in adding new energy to your classroom
  • Want to support higher levels of physical and health literacy among students.


The Active Learning Specialist Certificate

Based on research and informed by best practices, the Active Learning Specialist Certificate is designed to help educators incorporate physical literacy, educational neuroscience and cognitive psychology into the learning process to improve academic and health outcomes.

A continuing education course has been developed to provide teachers with the knowledge and skills to create and implement an Active Learning Plan in their classroom, school, district or alternative educational setting.

This online certificate course is self-paced and applied, with coaching and feedback from leading experts in the field of Active Learning. You’ll join a community of teachers who will lead the way in re-energizing education through strategic physical movement interventions aimed at helping all students learn.

*Because the course is self-paced, registration can occur up to 5 weeks after the ‘start’ of the course. This will shorten the participant’s time to complete the course since the end-date, when course activity shuts down, is a fixed date.