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Active Learning Specialist Certificate


Active Learning Specialist Certificate Course

Fizika’s approach to active learning is a synthesis of research and best practices in the disciplines of health and physical literacy, educational neuroscience and cognitive psychology.

The Active Learning Specialist Course prepares practitioners to apply these concepts in a systematic way to improve the learning potential of their students and fellow employees.


Although the course is self-paced, please keep in mind that you must complete the course and submit the requirements for the certificate no later than 10 weeks after your enrollment date. Course requirements include creating a personalized active learning plan, tailored to the individual learning needs of your students.

During the program, participants will develop components of an Active Learning Plan. This plan is reviewed by experts in the field and participants get feedback on how to ensure successful implementation. Throughout, you will make connections with peers in the program and will establish your peer learning network in Active Learning.

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What does an Active Learning Specialist do?

Active Learning Specialists tailor interventions to a specific learning need or group of students. The Active Learning Specialist forms a group of stakeholders to assist with the development, implementation, and evaluation of the intervention (Active Learning Plan).
The Active Learning Specialist works collaboratively with an Active Learning Team to:

  • Define the roles of each person on the team
  • Assign responsibilities and milestones
  • Identify the needs to be addressed by active learning intervention
  • Demonstrate how the Active Learning Plan will enhance student engagement
  • Provide training to members of the Team to understand research and best practices
    Communicate internally to stakeholders and externally to community
  • Continuously record improvements (outcomes); allow for plan adjustments

Active Learning Specialists are invited to join our online community of best practice professionals to share ideas, and learn from each other. Fizika manages two online communities for Active Learning Specialists – on Facebook and on LinkedIn.