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About Pitch Day: Nov. 4, 2017

There were 20 teams split between the Harrisburg University main campus and HU Philly branch location. 99 competitors comprised these teams, and 8 teams walked away with awards and special recognition. You will find the teams, their presentations, and their pitch decks below. (Scroll)

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"Harrisburg team wins first-ever Hackathon" Nov. 4, 2017 Philly

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Towards P

The Study of Pennsylvania’s High School Graduation Rates

The quality of Pennsylvania High School Education varies all the time. The graduation rates are extremely important indexes to monitor the quality of Pennsylvania High School Education. The project is to see if we can determine the key features that impact the graduation rates.


Emily Wefelmeyer
Ziyuan Huang
Jingqiao Huang
Zhengshu Zheng
Stephen Penn
Mark Newman
Andrew Siu


Prescriptive Analytics for Pennsylvania’s Future

Project Description

  • Proactively determine which college is right for you based on demographic and financial status
  • Prescriptive analytics to link higher education degrees and job oportunities based on skillsets and geographical locations
  • Strategically understand job market landscape across Pennsylvania


Chaitanya Dedhiya
Chad Doremus
Aniket Gode
Vivek Vegi


Cash Flow PA

Cash Flow PA allows voters to see where political money comes from, and how it’s being spent.


Alessandro Braidotti Carleton Atwater Greg Kamprath Will Bolton Jason McGibbon Kevin Denny

Technical Vision

History Path

PA history path is a mobile web app that educates, entertains, and encourages exploration among students, families, history lovers, and tourists through visits to PA historical markers. 


Chris Eby
LaVonne Eby
Sikander Babwani
Brad Wilke

Hackerburg, PA

Augmented Reality

Innovation Award

The Open Lens software is a web application designed to capture geo location and event data in real time and display information using that data through augmented reality and provide virtual tours.


Alec Wantoch
Zachary Pelkey
Adrian Jones
Ramgopal Varma Penumatsa

Hack U

Pennsylvania Great Places

Best Team Award

Our team was approached by the PA Chapter of the American Planning Association to create a “story map” of Great Places in Pennsylvania. We added additional Commonwealth open spatial data for context.


Albert Sarvis
Ian Williams
Erin Shawver
Shane Russell

Phalanx Digital


Best Prototype/App Design Award

Parks4PA is a mobile app and companion Amazon Echo app for finding things to do at Parks in the state. It tracks activitities and allows users to setup activities with friends via Facebook.


Paul Benninghove
Todd Seibar
Curtis Hoover
Doug Brauning

Team F-Set


Radon Award

The project goal is to provide key environmental indicators in an instantly accessible and understandable format in order to encourage better awareness, engagement and ultimate stewardship of Pennsylvania’s Environment.


Peter Monks
Jen Gumert
Albert Harrison
Shane Thorndike



Best Use of Geospatial Technology Using Esri Technology Award

Web application that allows users to query radon levels across the state of Pennsylvania


Joel Rogers
Ben Gilles
Brandon Maze
Matt Allen
Kelly Fisher

100 Corners

Safe Passage: Keystone Drive

100Corners de-velopment is raising travel safety to the next level with the help of Technology and Open Data! The application will use this data to create the safest route from Points A 2 B.


Christopher J. Ware
Luke McKinistry
Shashi Kumar
Nariman Jahani

Data Mavericks

Traffic Crash Dashboard Using Predictive Analytics

Traffic Crash Dashboard to assist drivers, first responders and police department to play a more active and calculated role in avoiding and predicting traffic accidents


Vivek Dhuri
Pathik Bhavsar
Nikhil Palla
Nishita Sule


Crash Intelligence and Prediction

The team’s primary objective is to illustrate how existing data assets can be utilized to inform various of decisions for both governments and citizens to reduce improve safety and reduce risk of traffic collision.


Mary Pelusi
Ron Plesco
Ning Wang
Viral Chawda
Star Ying
Pankaj Kamble

Think Tank

Public Safety & Awareness in PA

The Think Tank strives to help the government of PA address emerging safety issues to facilitate accident preventive and remedial measures. The idea is to analyze various factors influencing crashes over the year. Combining this with predictive analytics will further leverage our ability to aid incident forecasting


Veera Uppalapu
Chandra Sandhadi
Anand Narayanaswamy
Sonu Tiwary
Urvi Shah
Srinivas Kotta
Neeta Nerurkar


Public Safety & Awareness in PA

Grand Prize Winner

GOAL : Improving public safety and awareness in PA through our app KnowPA.COM by reducing fatalities across PA state roads by predicting potential high-risk accident zones for citizens near their homes, providing warnings up to 7 days into the future, based on weather forecast, time of the day and road conditions.


Muthu Sabarethinam Arun Thirunavukkarasu Kathir Ramalingam Reshma Keerthi Vijay Kumar Ravi Vivek Lakhani Yao Yu

Computer Aid, Inc.

Harrisburg Eye on Safety

The goal of this project is to improve overall PA Commonwealth safety awareness and budget spend by integrating technology, open data sources, data analytics, GIS, and crowd sourcing resources.


Duane McKee Ben Schrass Nicholas Viscardi Matt Lane Charles Gartside


Project Coeus

Project Coeus is an attempt to leverage restaurant inspections data to help optimize and provide efficiency tools for the Department of Agriculture.


Zach Bricker Kevin Purcell Douglas Rumbaugh Lee Cichanowicz Mark Danz



Web-based platform for PA citizens, allowing for easy engagement within immediate communities and represented leadership structures to effectively drive change and action.


Dileep Karnati Kishan Anghan Mo Tanveer Roberta Verbeeck


Data Detective

Best Use of a Data Set/API Award

Data Detective is focuses on visualizing multiple data sets at the same time to provide users with a way to explore the data. Team Titans aims to integrate all the economic, education, and health related data sets available on into the Data Detective platform


Michael Ghen Geoffrey Kip Marissa Bredesen Edna Galindo Brilzen Varghese Kyle McGrogan

Nudge Unit

Get 2 Know PA

Best Use of a Use Case Award

Access to visualizations of publicly available information Customized visualizations based on user profile Available on any internet enabled device


Arunkumar Navaneethan Sukhdeep Kaur Riyani Miranda Divya Nayak Lina Quitian


Project Palantir

Project Palantir is about enabling users to assemble insightful, visually rich and easy to navigate Executive data visualizations rapidly.
Allows for rapid custom dashboard development or supplement off the shelf tools libraries like PowerBI
Mobile compatible
Rapidly assembled multiple data visualization dashboards like for DEP, PennDOT utilizing the available datasets


Ujjwal Mittal
Amber Garg
Sapana Shaw
Jason Miller
Nupur Aggarwal