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We offer several professional development offerings throughout each month, including:

Government Technology Institute & Associated Centers

Harrisburg University’s Government Technology Institute is a driving force in educating IT Leaders, empowering them with increased skills to make “Good Government Great Government.” GTI connects government technology leaders with the expertise of its sponsors, as well as Harrisburg University faculty and advisors. Through its education, training, resources, and networking, Government Technology professionals use GTI to explore and collaborate on successful, cost-effective technology solutions.

Under the leadership of GTI Executive Director Charlie Gerhards, the GTI and its affiliated centers support learning, IT innovation, entrepreneurship, and intergovernmental collaboration that enhance the management, and leadership skills of the government workforce involved in information technology.


Harrisburg University GTI sponsors have the unique opportunity to provide their cutting-edge experience, expertise, and innovation to guide students and programs in a direction that drives positive strategic outcomes and develops the workforce of today and the future. This partnership between the private sector, public sector, and academia provides for an exceptional experience

"The speakers that GTI brought in were most impressive and brought extremely valuable information as to the state of various cyber security initiatives to the class."
Chief Information Security Officer Certificate Attendee